Systems Integration

Systems integration is all about bringing many different, and often diverse, systems together and finding a way to make them work seamlessly as one. That is why systems integration can be perceived as a very challenging process.

Depending on the age of a business, some of the applications that are still in regular use could be over ten years old, while others may be brand new. Finding a suitable means of having these applications talk to each other is what systems integration is all about.

At HeadChannel, we specialise in making that process easy. No matter how complex the problem, we can help.

Years of expertise in systems integration

Comprehensive: We have many years of experience of systems integration, based on different operating systems and different protocols, also working with diverse hardware.

We are close by: Having an office in London, we are able to conduct regular client meetings, during which we can discuss the progress of the work.

Cost effective: Wherever possible we will integrate your existing systems with appropriate interfaces, so that you do not need to invest in new software or hardware.

The future of your business


When it comes to the combination of older technology with the latest developments in IT, our engineers provide the knowledge, skills and experience to meet the most complex integrations.

Clients often ask us whether their well-worn software of an older generation can be used with applications created only recently and the answer is yes. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of our professionals, we offer integration of modern applications with systems which may be several years old.

Thanks to the optimization of all processes working in integrated systems, we can create high quality new software very effectively supporting older applications, despite the mix of operating systems, platforms, and many other challenges with which we work on a daily basis.

External systems integration


Successful integration does not just require expert knowledge of a wide variety of software, it also requires experience in hardware and the many interface protocols that can be found in these systems.

The engineers at HeadChannel thrive on finding new solutions to complex problems, so regardless of your hardware, software, or protocols, we would be happy to help. Why suffer the headache of systems integration yourself when we can do it for you?

If you still have doubts about whether your systems can be integrated with our modern applications, please contact us, we will be happy to talk about it.

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