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When it comes to the software that forms the backbone of your business, you want it to be the best it can be. That is why bespoke software can be such a huge asset to any company.

Bespoke software which has been built to your specific requirements can solve problems that ‘off-the-shelf’ applications simply cannot touch. Here at HeadChannel, we have developed countless custom applications for clients, and every one of them has made a huge difference for that company.

From saving money to optimising processes, the apps we build can be for any purpose.

Your requirements are our law


During requirements gathering, we listen very carefully to what our clients say. At all stages of development, as well as in the documentation, we use the naming convention as defined by the client for the individual processes, functions and methods of operation used in the software built by us.

This way of working allows you to reduce the training time to a minimum, and you get a system that will not only improve and automate the operation of your process, but is fully compatible with the working methods to which you are accustomed.

Metrics driven development


Cost effective: Our low overheads and efficient software development processes allow us to offer competitive rates and deliver maximum value for money to our clients.

High client retention: The majority of our clients have been with us for years.

London based project office: We can attend regular meetings and requirements gathering sessions with clients.

Use of our own software architecture: resulting in a quicker development cycle, improved and fully documented code, reduction in delivery times as projects can be quickly started and easily expedited.

Software for resale


Bespoke software can often be a more expensive option than buying a product off-the-shelf.

Some of the projects that we have created have been equipped with the functionality to allow investors an easy way to resell the system. This means that our clients can enjoy not only great operating solutions, but also, by recovering their costs, higher return on their investment.

Modern solutions


We are able to combine modern technologies with slightly older ones, which were used previously by our customers. A tool often used to complement full integration is the responsive web interface based on HTML5 and CSS3, through which a user can intuitively handle the system from any device (such as a tablet, smartphone, PC).

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