Web-Based Business Intelligence Solution for the NHS

Client : Pulse Informatics

Date : Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Due to the ever-rising costs of NHS care, along with a loss of financial control following the healthcare bill, the NHS faces many different challenges on a daily basis. As health reform becomes more prevalent, it becomes clearer that it must focus on finding new ways to ensure efficiency of process and also in cost-savings. In order to survive and succeed, the NHS must take significant measures to meet the rising challenges – which is where the system that we built for Pulse Informatics can help.


The solution that we scoped, designed, developed and deployed is a web-based solution with a wide range of advanced functionality. At its core, it allows customised challenge profiles to be set up for each provider, enables users to view financial queries in a simple way, lets users drill down reports, and generates query letters. We built the application to take advantage of role-based access to ensure the right people saw the right content. The app utilises the web 2.0 concept meaning the user interface is familiar to anyone and yet highly advanced. Other features include the ability to comment and add attachments to challenges to open a dialogue between commissioners and providers. This lowers the likelihood of future challenges. Users can also quickly add or remove challenges as per current client needs.   

The main challenge for us at HeadChannel was the very large amount of data involved. We needed the system to report data as quickly as possible, and with a large database (or more than one), this isn’t always easy. However, by using advanced data transfer mechanisms, we discovered a rapid way to summarise, cache and present data as soon as it’s needed. This kind of quick thinking is exactly what Pulse Informatics needed when they chose us to help them.

Our Approach

Pulse Informatics came to us at HeadChannel to request a bespoke online, real-time invoice validation platform. This platform would bring together commissioners, GPs and healthcare providers in a new way that was not possible before. As with any challenge on this scale, our team jumped at the chance to prove themselves and create something truly unique.


NHS Trusts can now make better, more informed decisions and ultimately generate higher savings and better patient care. Our solution accelerates the reconciliation cycle by enabling tracking for challenges. This again leads to fewer disputes and more time savings going forward. For a commissioner, this means they can enjoy higher yields in time. For providers, the benefit is that they can respond much faster. With the advanced transparent reporting and graphical charting features we built in, the client can assess the current situation in just a few clicks. This offers a clarity of financial information that it was simply not possible to get before without extensive work on the reporting side. piHealth is a highly complex system but it’s one that more than pays for itself in the savings of time and money it generates.
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