Responsive Hotel Reviews Website Development

Client : Good Hotel Guide

Date : Wednesday, November 5, 2014


One of the building blocks of any business, whether it’s brand new or going through a refresh, is the website. With the Good Hotel Guide, we recognised their need for a fresh, inviting design which would convey the impartiality and expert knowledge of the guide itself. The team at the Good Hotel Guide also wanted easy-to-use but powerful search features and simple navigation. No task is too tall for us at HeadChannel, so we got to work right away.


The search function is simple, offering various criteria including map, place name, amenities, or requirements (bird watching or a spa, for example). We also featured a top 10 choices dependent on the type of visitor. For example, ‘top ten hotels for couples’ or ‘top ten hotels for young families’. And, of course, we made it easy to find the award-winning hotels too.   

Because the Good Hotel Guide has a new edition printed in October of each year, the website has the information from this version incorporated almost immediately. This means that the website is always just as up-to-date as the printed guide, giving visitors the option as to which they’d like to use.   

Our Approach

The website we designed and built for the Good Hotel Guide was created with an easy-to-navigate and straightforward search ethos at its core. We wanted to make it easy for people to find the hotel they want; after all, that is the main objective of the site and business as a whole.


The main result of us building the Good Hotel Guide website was that it is just so easy to find hotels, or just browse for them based on preference. No matter how you’d like to find a hotel, the site we have built makes it simple. And that simplicity of use is what the team were looking for all along. We even included extra features such as the ability to order a print copy of the guide or send feedback about the hotels they’ve visited.
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