Property Management Web Portal - Reporting Module

Client : HeadChannel

Date : Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Over time, it became clear to our client that they needed a way to manage their interactions with existing and prospective lessees, contractors and other residents. They also wanted to set some targets to help their individual managers meet and exceed expectations. With the use of SLAs (Service Level Agreements), it was a simple to know what the targets were, but not so simple to manage them. That’s where HeadChannel came in to help. We were asked to develop a custom system to log calls to the company, then redirect them as necessary. The system had to provide an expected resolution time, and offer extensive reporting functionality; for example, calls logged, calls closed or overdue calls.


Solution fully integrated with the existing systems that our client had in place, and resulted in more accountability for staff, as well as the option to run advanced reports based on customer communications. When it was so easy for a phone call to ‘slip into the cracks’, our system was completely foolproof in that regard, and improved both the customer’s experience and the ease with which our client's staff were able to provide support when it was needed.

Our Approach

The solution we provided met every business requirement in a unique way.
Gathering of data
Visual Reporting


Once completed, the system we developed improved our client's processes in a number of ways. First, it boosted customer loyalty and increased customer service productivity. Because of more visibility between customer and staff, problems were dealt with more quickly. It also was much easier to find problem areas, or places where there seemed to be a lack of responsiveness. Armed with this information, the managers could make changes that improved or resolved these issues entirely. The team also was able to monitor dissatisfaction and action maintenance requests quicker than ever before.
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