Date: November 2013

Customer overview

The NHS Trust invoice validation software was created to improve the way that NHS trusts negotiate costs with GP practices via the invoice validation process. This advanced platform allows providers to respond to challenges online and commissioners to review these responses in real-time, thus accelerating the reconciliation process. By providing a common view, all parties can easily track and account for challenges, leading to fewer disputes, whilst encouraging higher response rates from providers and potentially higher yields for commissioners.


In order to boost the efficiency of both healthcare commissioners and providers, we equipped the software with the following functionalities:

  • Claims management - the invoice validation process is now faster as healthcare providers can make claims for medical procedures online and healthcare commissioners can respond to them by generating challenges
  • Challenge library - storing and managing claims and challenges is now easy due to functions such as ‘search by category’ and ‘claims summary’
  • Patient search - storing claims and challenges allows users to view the history of each patient and their medical procedures
  • Challenge reports (on each of the providers) - collecting the necessary data on claims and challenges enables users to generate comprehensive reports concerning each of the medical procedures and their providers
  • Invoice validation - a business intelligence dashboard displaying basic information concerning existing invoices and sending notifications for awaiting payments speeds up the reconciliation process
  • Challenge discussion - the possibility of opening a discussion for each of the challenges where parties can attach all the necessary documents reduces the need for phoning and e-mailing and thus improves the communication flow



  • Eliminates paperwork - storing all of the documents online eliminates the risk of missing invoices and duplicated claims.
  • Secures sensitive data -strong encrypting allows users to keep the sensitive information of patients and their medical procedures secured.
  • Improves communication - challenge discussions enable users to stay updated with every existing and upcoming claim which eliminates the risk of misunderstanding
  • Speeds up the reconciliation process - sending documents and other attachments online allows users to save both time and money and efficiently manage more claims than ever before
  • Provides comprehensive reports - business intelligence tools make great use of stored data and allow users to spot any inefficiencies and opportunities to improve them

Success story

The NHS is dealing with hundreds of claims and challenges on a daily basis. With the use of pi Health software, our client has enabled them to improve their communication with healthcare providers and boost their efficiency by eliminating paperwork and storing all the documents in one place. Thanks to our business intelligence tools, the NHS can now generate comprehensive reports and spot opportunities to reduce costs.

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