Mobile Web App: Building Diagrams to visualise effects of psychotropic medicine

Client : Beaconbrands

Date : Wednesday, November 25, 2015


HeadChannel’s challenge was to design a mobile web application that would enable Professor David Nutt’s neuropsycho-pharmacology students to build diagrams that would illustrate the effects of psychotropic medicine on the brain.


Using the latest advances in HTML5 technology combined with a solid database foundation, HeadChannel designed a platform that enabled Professor Nutt and his colleagues to manipulate the various components of diagram building blocks in order to create a library of real and fictitious medicines that students could download in PDF format for studying offline.

Our Approach

Working together with Beaconbrands and Professor Nutt, HeadChannel incorporated his system of iconography into a web application that could adequately and flexibly cater to all possible variables, while building dynamic diagrams at unprecedented speed.


Students also have the ability to create their own library using existing diagrams, which they can use as templates for the creation of their own diagrams. They also have the option of starting from scratch on a blank canvas. This new and innovative solution is compatible with all mobile and desktop devices enabling students to download their diagrams for study offline anytime. With the assistance of Professor Nutt and Beaconbrands, HeadChannel designed an innovative application that will take the study of psychotropic medicine to an entirely new level.
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