Interface Redesign for Customer Services Solution

Client : PrePay Solutions

Date : Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In order to provide top-tier customer service for their wide range of customers and clients, PrePay commissioned HeadChannel to help provide input on the design of their customer services system. The project’s goal was to implement changes which would drastically improve the ease of use for both staff members and clients.


HeadChannel worked closely with the staff of PrePay in order to understand the ways in which the existing system was ordinarily used and to gain insight into what components the redesign should maintain or update, as well as those which required an entirely new approach. The team decided to implement a workflow throughout the design so it could focus on ensuring that accessing and keeping track of the accounts balances was easy for the users and searching and sorting data – easy for the managers.

Our Approach

Our goal in the user interface’s redesign was to maintain a clear focus on user-friendly processes. We know that by working closely with PrePay staff members HeadChannel was able to create a system which will support both their employees and customers. As a result, we have contributed to building a powerful tool for customer loyalty and enhancing partner relationships.


With a focus on ensuring that the user interaction platform was as efficient and simple as possible, HeadChannel has designed and built a new user interface that would support both customer and staff services, providing the employees with a productivity tool for managing both day-to-day and complex issues and supporting customer enquires.
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