Integrated Bespoke Residents' Portal Development

Client : Crabtree property management

Date : Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Live site :


In a world that’s all about technology, Crabtree found themselves in need of a system that would allow residents to control their property and services more easily and quickly and to access the portal at any time and from everywhere using their mobiles. The bespoke portal would also improve the way residents and property managers communicate with each other.


In this case HeadChannel offered two solutions: a residents’ portal enabling 24/7 communication between residents and the management, making it possible for the residents to submit repair requests or control the maintenance for their property in a few clicks; and a bespoke mobile application enabling them to access their account from anywhere in the world. The application was not tied to any specific platform enabling a maximum number of people to use it.

Our Approach

With our experience of such applications and web portals, the team at HeadChannel made certain that both of them integrated fluidly with the existing systems thus enabling the users to gain maximum benefit.
External Systems Integration
Product Development


Even though a fully integrated web portal and a bespoke mobile application are two completely different things, both the residents and property managers benefit from them – saving time, solving problems, improving the channel of communication and enjoying peace of mind.
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