Hotel Reviews App Development for iOS

Client : Good Hotel Guide

Date : Thursday, December 11, 2014


With the new Good Hotel Guide refreshed and ready to go, the team also wanted this content to be available in the form of a mobile app. The idea was to allow hotel lovers to find a place to stay even when they’re out on the road. Essentially, the app would become a pocket-sized version of the printed Good Hotel Guide.


Users can find all sorts of hotels, from the most characterful to the most affordable, simply by using their iPhone or iPad. The powerful search functionality we built into the website is also available in these apps, and we’ve even included a few select hotels from Continental Europe.   

Using the unique features of the iOS devices, users can also search for a hotel that’s near to where they are now, or use an interactive map. On top of that, we also built in the option to provide special offers and deals via the app as an incentive for use. 

Our Approach

The team here at HeadChannel created an app that offers quick and easy access to a wide range of UK hotels.
iOS development for iPhone/iPad
Integration with corresponding website
GPS usage


The Good Hotel Guide app has had excellent results. Countless users have found the hotel of their dreams using the app, and have found the experience much more convenient. The apps are quite simply the perfect partner to the printed guide – and best of all, they fit right into your pocket.
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