Document Management Software for Property

Client : William pears group

Date : Thursday, December 12, 2013


As with any business that experiences rapid growth, much of the William Pears Group's documentation was stored in various different systems. Some was on paper, some in electronic form. They were in need of a single repository for documents that would be both safe and reliable. It needed to be searchable any time and provide quick results. Additionally, it needed to support as many different file types as possible. A clear GUI (graphical user interface) was also a big plus for the team. Luckily, we at HeadChannel knew we would be able to provide just what they needed.


The centralised system we built for them allowed users to share documents and information of any kind, and even add their own informational text pages. The advanced search function allows users to find what they need in a flash and categorise results based on where the data is stored. Administrators can also set user permissions, so the most important info is kept safe at all times.  

Our Approach

Our team designed, developed and deployed a simple document management system which ticks all of the boxes requested by the William Pears Group – and many more besides.
ASP.NET WebForms
Intranet Development
MVP approach


Despite being simple to use, the document management system built by the team here at HeadChannel is incredibly powerful. This has resulted in the streamlining of online storage for the William Pears Group , eliminating day-to-day inefficiencies and speeding up the sourcing of information across the business.
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