Advertising Contract Drafting and Storage System

Client : IPA

Date : Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Live site :


The IPA undertakes a series of benchmarking surveys on a regular basis to analyse the financial aspects of agency operation. HeadChannel was tasked with developing a web based platform that could support the survey process, improving their work at the same time. In addition, the team was asked to provide IPA with an online system for drafting and storing contracts.


HeadChannel decided to build a solution that created both a consistent approach to data collection and a possibility to change survey questions on a regular basis. The project also included the design of an online interface translating all the data collected by this system and creating a unique and easy to use software enabling IPA members to generate their own legal contracts.

Our Approach

By creating the survey web platform, the contract storing system and its online interface, HeadChannel could help add value to a company that enhances product value and increases conversions.


The software developed by HeadChannel helped to increase the survey response rate by creating a consistent user experience. In addition, IPA members now enjoy access to all previously drafted contracts in a secure area and to valuable market data assisting them in designing realistic media strategies.
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