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A flexible approach to IT outsourcing

IT body & team leasing  

Outsource skilled and experienced specialists or dedicated teams to improve your overall performance. No recruiting, no extra charge.

- Developers 
- Project Managers 
- Business Analysts
- Test Engineers
- Team Leaders

It Project Outsourcing

We have several years of experience in full service software development, from business analysis through coding to go-live. Business areas in which we have worked include:

- Property Management
- Recruitment
- Manufacturing
- Education
- Healthcare

Other services

We offer support in various areas, so that your developers can focus on their tasks.

- Manual testing
- Automated testing
- Consultancy
- Audits (e.g. GPDR, security)
- Digital marketing

Why choose us?

We are close to you
Our team consists of both British and Polish specialists, which allows us to reduce communication barriers. Not only do we have similar time-zones, which makes collaboration easy, we also share cultural similarities. And we all speak good English! 

Our technology centre is in Poland 

Running an office in Poland not only allows us to be available to you and your team no matter where you are in Europe, due to very similar time-zones, it also ensures a high level of skills and experience. According to various reports, Polish developers are some of the best in the world.

We're specialists

Once you outsource either one specialist or a dedicated team, we prepare a workshop to ensure everything is clear. We are ready to work onsite and share our expertise in various areas, including project management and marketing.

We offer a full service
Depending on your needs you can outsource either individuals or an entire team of specialists - including not only developers, but also project managers, business analysts and test engineers. Since we know each other very well, we make great co-workers.

We manage our own projects

Outsourcing is not all we offer. We are also a bespoke software development company with our own projects. This allows us to make continuous progress in various areas and languages, as well as to gain experience both individually and as a team.

We've a great HR team

In order to satisfy our customers' requirements we constantly seek the best talent with both soft and hard skills. If there is a specialist with a specific set of skills that you would like to outsource, but no one is currently available, our HR department will soon find a suitable candidate.


Cut costs
Reduce the operating costs related with recruiting and hiring new employees. Maximise savings by outsourcing our IT professionals at very competitive rates.

Increase efficiency
Focus on your core competencies and allow us to handle what we do best. You can save both time and money and yet achieve your goals without reducing the quality of your work.

Reduce risk
A team of specialists offering a wide range of skills and experience ensures a greater number of possible solutions when a problem occurs. Utilising fresh insight maximises your chances of completing a project.

Become competitive
Have an outsourced team perform tasks you once found challenging. With new technologies on board, you’ll be able to see off your competition.


Gain flexibility
Adjust the size of your team according to the number of ongoing projects by outsourcing more manpower when needed. Take the strain off your existing staff whilst keeping your projects on track.

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