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Don't forget about UX in cross-platform designing

Nowadays it is no longer possible to predict from what kind of platforms users access your website or app. With a growing number of smartphones, smart TVs and many more smart devices, a need for innovative multi-platform design is essential, especially if you care about how many users access your app – and you obviously do. Because of different sizes of different devices, designing only one solution will not, unfortunately, do the job. Can you imagine accessing a desktop-only app from your mobile or mobile-only website from your smart TV?

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Smartwatches in healthcare

Smartwatches may not be the most popular wearable technologies there are, but there is no doubt you can benefit a lot from wearing one. If you still prefer your smartphone when it comes to texting, listening to music or using Tinder, think about your health as this little device can save your life one day.

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What makes a good test engineer?

For a software development company to succeed, it takes more than a team of talented software engineers, more than a few experienced project managers, more than one or two trustworthy founders. In fact, it takes exceptional testers, who most probably are the most responsible people in the entire company as they make sure the product they deliver is -- quite literally -- flawless. Are you suitable for the job?

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How Machine Learning is changing your everyday life

As the definition says, machines learn from their previous actions and the most important part is they never stop. Machine Learning is going to get more and more clever, making both your life and your business easier whether you like it or not. However, what you should never forget is that every machine, every tool can be harmful when used unwisely.

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Where to look for the best programmers?

There are more than a few factors that make us think American programmers are the best in the entire world, one of them is called Bill Gates. HackerRank, a platform gathering engineers from all around the globe, decided to examine their data to see which country is number one at programming, proving that an American dream is not as sweet as most people tend to think.

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UI and UX are not the same thing

If you are having your website or software developed, you have to be aware of the fact that the term designer is no longer enough. Technology has been evolving and this very fact forces us to broaden our imagination and adapt to constantly growing expectations. That is why we increasingly hear of mysterious acronyms like UI and UX. What do they mean? Do not wonder any longer.

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